EuroGEOSS 2012

Advances in cross-domain interoperability – now and beyond - Jan 24 - 27, 2012, Madrid, Spain


The challenge for addressing issues such as climate change, food security or ecosystem sustainability is that they require multi-disciplinary collaborationand the ability to integrate information across scientific domains. EuroGEOSS demonstrates the added value to the scientific community and to society of making existing systems and applications interoperable and useful within the GEOSS and INSPIREframeworks. EuroGEOSS — advancing the vision of GEOSS Conference provides a forum for developers, users and decision-makers working with advanced multi-disciplinary information systems to improve science and decisions for complex societal issues

Important dates

JANUARY 12: Web registration deadline JANUARY 24: Pre-Conference Tutorials JANUARY 25-27: EUROGEOSS 2012 CONFERENCE FEBRUARY 15: Deadline for submission to IJSDIR journal

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THE REGISTRATION FOR TUTORIALS IS OPEN UNTILL TUESDAY 17th. Follow this link to secure your place. The number of registrants for the Conference has exceed 200, so the registration is closed. Thanks for your interest!! Find the information about detailed oral presentations in the programme The posters section has been updated